2015 Cemetery Trustees Report

Cemetery Trustees
Ann Elliott- Term expires March 2018
Billie Bell- Term expires March 2020
Lynne Sweet- Term expires march 2019

Newfields Cemeteries:  
Piscassic Cemetery, Bald Hill Road
Locust Grove Cemetery, Piscassic Road
Newfields Cemetery, Route 108
Hilton Cemetery, off of Summer Street

Activities over the past year:

  • Helped people with Deed and Application for Burial information.

  • Worked with funeral homes for information.

  • Contracted spring clean-up, summer mowing and fall clean-up.

  • Updated landscaping regulations (See Attached).

  • Have Preliminary Maps of Newfields/108, Locust Grove and Piscassic/Bald Hill cemeteries at Town Hall.

  • Attended Cemetery Trustees Session in Concord, NH.

  • Repaired stones in Piscassic this year and plan to finish the estimated work for Piscassic and Locust Grove in 2017.

  • Worked with Trustees of the Trust Funds.


Activities over the past year 2015:

  • Assisted people with Deed and Applications for Burial information.

  • Approved allowing four cremation burials in a grave and updated regulation (See Attached).

  • Decision made to handwrite changes on paper copy of cemetery maps and have Map Company update once a year.

  • Worked with funeral homes for information.

  • Cleared trees from Hilton and Piscassic Cemetery over the past year.

Here is an example of a tree cleared from the path at Hilton Cemetery:


  • Contracted spring clean-up, summer mowing and fall clean-up.

  • Repaired stones in Piscassic and Locust Grove this year.

  • Removed little chains from Piscassic to make the stone wall openings look more aesthetic.

  • Plan to take wire fence down at Newfields/108.

  • Piscassic and Locust Grove Maps were digitized.

  • Accepted new mowing bids from 11/17-12/15/15.

Cemetery Maps
Newfields Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Piscassic and Hilton Cemetery

 Application of Burial

Rules & Regulations


***Adopted by Cemetery Trustees***

***October 18, 2016***


The Rules set forth below are intended to make all three Cemeteries in the Town of Newfields a safe, peaceful and attractive area, as well as a reverent symbol of respect for the deceased.

1) Purchase of burial space:

a) Persons desiring to purchase burial space shall apply to the Cemetery Trustees, who will provide all necessary information as to size, location, price, etc.  (Note:  As of 6/24/08 one space 40” Wide x 10’ Long is $500.00/grave for Residents of Newfields and $1000/grave for Non-Residents.  Two graves sold next to each other have 2” between vaults).  Reservation of space will be made only on a deposit satisfactory to the Trustees.

b) All deeds to burial spaces sold will be recorded at the Town Hall by the Trustees.  Upon payment in full made to the Trustee of the Trust Funds, a deed will be issued.

c) In the event a deed is lost or the record owner(s) cannot be found, it shall be the duty of anyone claiming the lot to provide the proper documentation to prove ownership.

d) All Newfields Cemeteries were created for the benefit of Newfields residents.  Non-residents may purchase burial space, but an additional fee will be assessed to all non-residents.

2) Interments:

a) Arrangements for interment must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance with the Trustees.  No interment or grave opening shall take place without the permission of the Trustees.  A Trustee, or designate, will mark the grave location.

b) No interment will take place until the grave is paid for in full.  Any additional adjacent graves must be paid for in full.

c) No interment will be made unless all burial fees have been paid and a burial transit permit is provided to a Cemetery Trustee.

d) All cemeteries in the Town of Newfields will be closed for the winter months.  Allowances for winter interments will be at the discretion of the Cemetery Trustees.

e) All graves of casketed burials must be lined with a concrete vault or concrete box.

f) A non-biodegradable urn for the cremated remains is suggested

g) Only one body burial is allowed in each grave.  Four cremation burials are allowed in a grave.

h) All three Newfields Cemeteries are intended for human burials only.

3) Disinterment:

a) No disinterment or removal of the remains of any body will be permitted without the written consent of the lot owner or family member and the necessary permit required by the laws of the State of New Hampshire.  All Fees must be paid in advance.

4) Monuments and Markers:

a) The location of all monuments and markers will be laid out with the approval of the Trustees.

b) The Trustees reserve the right to forbid or remove any monument or marker deemed objectionable or not in keeping with the general area.

c) A proper concrete foundation, to the frost line, is required for all monuments.

d) Benches are not allowed in any of the Newfields public cemeteries

e) Corner stones shall be flush with the ground, and no curbing, fencing or enclosures of any kind are allowed.

5) Private Contractors:

a) All private contractors hired to perform services in all Newfields public cemeteries are responsible for any damage to cemetery grounds.

6) Landscaping:

a) The planting of shrubs or trees is strictly forbidden in any of the Newfields public cemeteries.
b) Flowers may be placed in a non-breakable container near the monument of choice.  No flowers will be planted on the grave site at any time.  Faded & unsightly flowers, wreaths & memorials shall be removed.  Any item left on a lot, which may interfere with mowing, shall also be removed.

7) General Rules and Regulations:

a) No dogs are allowed, with the exception of service dogs.

b) Cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk except from the first snow fall until final spring melt.

c) It is forbidden to disturb any item or carry away any item from any lot other than your own.

d) Children shall be accompanied by an adult.

e) Firearms, with the exception of military funerals, fireworks, and other weapons are strictly forbidden in all public cemeteries.

f) It is recommended, after a grave purchase, to mark the said grave or graves with corner markers approved by a Cemetery Trustee and placed flush with the ground.

g) The regulations may be changed or modified at any time at the discretion of the cemetery trustees.


Rules and regulations approved and adopted on December 16, 2014

Chad Corey

Ann Elliott

George Bailey

Trustees of the Cemeteries