The Newfields Conservation Commission is responsible for protecting the natural resources of the Town.  We are an advisory committee to the Selectmen.  We review  development site plans, wetlands permits, support trails and other access to public lands, and promote conservation throughout the Town and the Seacoast region.


The Commission has an obligation to monitor and protect our interests in land parcels totaling approximately 730 acres with town-held conservation easements.  Our easement properties represent a great diversity of open land, forests, and wetlands.  One of the largest areas is the Piscassic Greenway, owned by the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire.  The Greenway has a number of trails used primarily for pedestrian activities such as birdwatching, walking and snowshoeing.


The Commission is a volunteer organization and we invite all residents who are interested in our work to contact us.  We are always open to bringing on new alternate or full members.  Our public meetings are held at the Town Hall, at 7PM on the third Monday of each month.


Lindsay Carroll

John Cloyd

Lauren Hill - Secretary

David Mason - Treasurer

Steve Shope - Chair

Alison Watts