Town of Newfields

Application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment

Oakes K. Lawrence III, Chair Term expires March 2018

David P. Sweet Term expires March 2019

Betsy Coes Term expires March 2019

Jack Steiner, Alternate Term expires March 2019

Robert Elliott Term expires March 2020


Applicants must submit the following to the Town Office:

Completed application, including location and tax map# and lot# of property in appeal.

  • List of abutters, applicant, and owner, including current mailing addresses and map and lot numbers of each. An Application process is delayed if mailing addresses are inaccurate. An abutter is defined as landowner (including railroads) to the sides, rear, and front of applicant’s property in appeal, even if separated by a road, waterway, or town line. The Town of Newfields and holders of easements do require certified notification.

  • Check or money order for non-refundable application fee of $150.00 per application, plus $6.50 per abutter for certified mail.

  • Plot plan drawn in accordance with a boundary line survey to scale not less than 1”=40’. Indicate lot dimensions including area in square feet. Indicate size and locations of existing and proposed buildings, including setbacks (7 copies required).

  • A copy of written denial from administrative official: Building Inspector, Planning Board or Selectmen.

ZBA Hearings are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Town Hall. Filing deadline of completed application is 20 calendar days prior to meeting.  Applications received after that date are placed on the agenda for the next scheduled monthly meeting and publicly noticed accordingly.

All parties involved will be notified of impending hearing by certified mail.  The written decision of the Board must be made available with 72 hours of the hearing.

Please call the Town Clerk at (603) 772-5070 during business hours-or the ZBA Chairman if you have any questions about this form.  Note that the Chairman and members of the Board cannot offer advice on how to fill out your application, deliberate the specifics of your application, nor decide on your application outside of a public ZBA hearing.

Kent Lawrence, Chairman—(603) 778-8652


Special Exception

Variance Application

ZBA Handbook