Town of Newfields Highway Department

2015 Report

Due to the record snowfall in early 2015, the paving was kept to a minimum due to budget constraints.  In 2015, the Newfields Highway Department paved Mast Road .  After a lengthy delay caused by the utility companies, the Highway Department was able to complete the sidewalks from the school to Meadow Road.

The paving schedule for 2016 is to make improvements to Dixon Avenue. Drainage and culverts will be repaired and replaced and the road will be paved.  

A town wide parking ban goes into effect during storms that produce 2” or more of snow.  There will be no long term parking allowed on the streets.  This includes daytime hours.

I would like to thank the residents for adhering to the winter parking ban and keeping the streets clear for snow removal.  It would be helpful, as well, not to put out trash on Tuesday evenings of forecasted snow.     

Brian Knipstein
Road Agent

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