Overseer of Town Landing: Jeffrey Buxton

Newfields Town Landing Ordinance

Regulations and Bylaws


These regulations and bylaws are enacted under RSA 31:39 for the care, protection, preservation and to allow the continued use of the park or common known as the Newfields Town Landing by the residents of the Town of Newfields, New Hampshire.


  1. The area will be closed from 9 o’clock pm to 6 o’clock am.

  2. No parking will be allowed in the roadway or boat ramp.

  3. No overnight parking of vehicles, boats or trailers will be will be allowed at the landing.

  4. No fishing from the dock.

  5. Mooring to dock limited to 30 minutes.

  6. No littering allowed.

  7. Children using the area must be under adult supervision.

  8. With proof of a mooring, a dinghy up to 10 feet can be stored in the designated area.


Failure to follow the regulations and bylaws will be a violation and the violator will be subject to a fine of $100.00 per offense.