Town Planner


A town planner's main responsibility is to ease or avoid social, economic and environmental problems within their town of employment. They achieve this by making recommendations to local elected officials that reflect the needs of the town.

Their recommendations for neighborhood sectors or citywide may work to alleviate current problems or they may make proposals for new legislation or buildings. When approaching an existing problem planners must identify the root of the problem as well as any related issues. When proposing a new facility or regulation, it is crucial that planners make recommendations only after extensive research and data collection in order to make suggestions that are in the town's best interest, and lessen the chance that problems will arise in the future.

When making recommendations to local government officials, including zoning, proposals for new public buildings, parks or utilities, town planners should keep in mind the long and short-term goals for the town's growth. Another major responsibility of a town planner is to develop these goals, most likely through research and discussions with elected officials. In keeping these goals in mind, planners work to ensure that the environment, economy and society are flourishing as the town grows.